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Syria is an Experiment in Non-intervention (UPDATED)

And the Syrian people are losing. The news this morning is all about Syria exploding. Reports of aircraft being used to coordinate ground fire — including heavy weapons and artillery — should put the whole drone hysteria business into context … Continue reading

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IMF, Thy Name Is Hypocrisy

Guess what? The IMF is telling Britain it’s too soon to cut the welfare state in a recession. Yes, this is the same IMF that regularly produces ruinous disaster capitalism in the developing world. There’s a reason why torture and … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the Obama Military (UPDATE)

Operation Mushtarak began this weekend. The Obama military is going to war under the banner of a non-English noun. Mushtarak is defined as “common,” “joint,” “combined,” “concurrent,” or “collective;” in the Arabic of international relations this word is used to … Continue reading

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Morning Notice

Sarkozy’s right-wing government tried immigrant hysteria as a foundation for local elections. It’s not working on the French: Polls showed that a majority of people initially supported having the discussion about national identity. But those numbers quickly reversed themselves as … Continue reading

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Morning News

Haitians welcomed the return of the US military to their country. Across the world, the United States is once again the good guy. Which reminds me: this ad, or a version of it, has been running for months. The US … Continue reading

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Global Netroots

An admission: I’ve got a man-crush on Nico Pitney. If the Pulitzer committee doesn’t give him at least a nod for his intensive blogging on the Green Revolution in Iran, there is no justice in the world. As a graduate … Continue reading

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Weekly World News?

This is the first edition of a weekly blog in which I’ll round up the events that shape global politics. I’d like to call it Weekly World News, but I don’t want to be confused with Batboy. Still working on … Continue reading

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Why We’re So Dumb About the World

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