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The Syrian Experiment

As I said yesterday morning, China and Russia are using Syria as a laboratory for non-intervention. With a death toll already in the thousands, the opposition shows no sign of giving up and neither does Assad’s Alawite regime. A discussion … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: European Double-Dip

Europe’s financial crisis isn’t staying in Europe; demand for American goods and services is declining. This is why I don’t understand people who root for Europe to fail: It’s affecting companies like Marlin Steel Wire Products, a 34-employee business based … Continue reading

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Now Obama Is Secretly Jewish

Not only is Obama secretly Muslim, he’s also secretly Jewish: Obama is the “the first Jewish President”. That’s the title of New York magazine’s lead article, written by John Heilemann and quoting a major Obama fundraiser. [...] Should each and every … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Iraq

Glenn Greenwald makes a prima facie case that America’s role in Libya is illegal, which (of course) makes this president worse than Bush. He summarizes the White House position thusly: (1) the War Powers Resolution of 1973 (WPR) authorizes the … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the Obama Military (UPDATE)

Operation Mushtarak began this weekend. The Obama military is going to war under the banner of a non-English noun. Mushtarak is defined as “common,” “joint,” “combined,” “concurrent,” or “collective;” in the Arabic of international relations this word is used to … Continue reading

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Land-Mine Irony

News last week that the Obama administration won’t sign the landmine ban is disappointing, but also ironic: the International Campaign to Ban Landmines was the first success of information-age grassroots organizing on a global scale. Jody Williams won a Nobel … Continue reading

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Obama’s UN Speech

The wingnutosphere is going ballistic over this, but it’s a master stroke: UNITED NATIONS — With U.S. President Barack Obama presiding over an historic session, the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a U.S.-drafted resolution Thursday aimed at ridding the world … Continue reading

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Global Leadership

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Americans Go To China For Work

I don’t have time to deal with this fully because I’m packing for Netroots Nation, but globalization has a new lede. From the NY Times: BEIJING — Shanghai and Beijing are becoming new lands of opportunity for recent American college … Continue reading

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