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Weekly World News: Global President?

Stephen Schlesinger, Author and Adjunct Fellow at the Century Foundation, in HuffPo today: I have just returned from a eight day visit to Turkey last week and I can confirm that, for anyone who may still question it, Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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Why the GOP is Losing It

The Party of Ideas isn’t really out of ideas. They’re just doubling down on the crazy ones: Their budget ‘proposal’ amounted to a quasi-flat tax. Income would be taxed at ten percent to $100,000 and all income above that would … Continue reading

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Weekly World: Global Currency?

Hey, I’ve managed to do this two weeks in a row, which means it’s turning into a (gasp!) regular feature! We’ll start off the global news with China, a country that’s getting tired of financing the United States public debt: … Continue reading

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