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BREAKING: U.S. Spy Agency Has Been Spying…On Countries That Spy On The U.S.

Without the NSA, we would not be safer or more private. We would simply be the only advanced nation on Earth that doesn’t have a spy agency. Continue reading

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Snowden and Greenwald: The Areas Of Their Expertise

It must be nice to be Glenn Greenwald. He can claim expertise in things that he has never seen or touched, citing Edward Snowden as his authoritative source. Of course, Snowden has almost certainly never seen or touched those things … Continue reading

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Behind The Irony Curtain: Edward Snowden’s Outlaw Getaway

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro offered asylum to Edward Snowden, and Nicaragua and Bolivia and Ecuador agitated to win his residency too. Unhappy with this menu of possible refuges, Snowden is now asking Russia to let him defect. The prospect of … Continue reading

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Snowden Flakes: Russian And Chinese Spies Are Smarter Than Glenn Greenwald

UPDATE: in an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post, Edward Snowden admits everything I just said below about his motivations and objectives: Edward Snowden secured a job with a US government contractor for one reason alone – to … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald Hates the Constitution

Many Southerners insist to this day that every confederate killed at Shiloh was the victim of a due-process free ‘targeted assassination’ — meaning that Union soldiers aimed their rifles rather than point them in random directions before pulling the trigger. … Continue reading

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The Year of the Cockroach

By Emilia1956 If nothing else, let it be said that the Presidency of Barack Obama proved one precise thing: That the United States is not a post-racial country. More importantly – as 2011 revealed – racism is as rampant on … Continue reading

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The Obama Fixation

I would desperately like to stop writing about Glenn Greenwald. Like Glenn Beck, he’s someone I understood a long time ago and mostly wish to ignore. Thus I make seldom mention of Beck since his dismissal, and hope to do … Continue reading

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The Greenwald Elidings

Glenn Greenwald has only one story to tell, over and over again. It’s titled Obama Hates Peace and Freedom but Ron Paul Loves Them. His latest riff on this theme ran in the Guardian yesterday: In the last GOP foreign policy … Continue reading

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The Professional Left and The Wizard of Oz

By Emilia 1956 In the UK, there’s a time-honoured Christmas tradition known as pantomime. It dates from the Middle Ages, from the old Christmas court pagentry. It’s basically a drama enactment on stage of well-known folk tales and nursery rhymes. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Greenwald’s Enemies List

He thinks he is on one — and that it includes Dan Choi Joan Walsh Lawrence O’Donnell Jane Hamsher PJ Crowley Rachel Maddow Paul Krugman Ed Shultz Tavis Smiley Michael Moore Howard Fineman Chris Hayes Ariana Huffington Keith Olbermann Jonathan … Continue reading

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The Greenwald Misconceptions

Juan Cole, in the most readable essay of the week, hammers Glenn Greenwald for his insistence that America led the charge to intervention in Libya: There is no evidence for this allegation whatsoever. When I asked Glenn Greenwald whether a … Continue reading

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