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Oh, and George Bush Is a Secret Progressive Too

No, I haven’t gone mad. This is the latest Gospel according to Glenn Beck, who was in full rant mood after the SCOTUS verdict. Since he gave Willard a stark warning also, one wonders exactly whom he would like to … Continue reading

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The Obama Fixation

I would desperately like to stop writing about Glenn Greenwald. Like Glenn Beck, he’s someone I understood a long time ago and mostly wish to ignore. Thus I make seldom mention of Beck since his dismissal, and hope to do … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Glenn Beck in Israel

The crying clown has moved on from his late FOX Noise gig to take part in the anti-peace process, where he got heavy applause from Knesset culture warriors: [Beck] was serious when he said, “Here is the truth (about the) … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Glenn Beck Reaching New Depths of Incoherence

Bad enough my sidebar sees anti-Obama petition drives and tea party ads. Now Glenn Beck, late of FOX Noise, sees fit to advertise on Banter Media. He has a right to buy my adspace; I have no way to block … Continue reading

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Waaah! Glenn Beck Stole Their Fake Videos

He’s not going to be on FOX Noise anymore, but he still makes the news. This time, it’s Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller (link is wearing a condom), which has assembled any number of right-wing bloggers and video bloggers complaining that … Continue reading

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Archives: Glenn Beck’s Two-Week Video Mystery Solved in 5 Minutes

This post ran September 3rd, 2009 and was my only experience with being on the front page. Remember Glenn Beck’s mysteeerious video of Obama’s Secret Negro Army?™ It’s pretty much the foundation of his entire conspiracy theory on the impending … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Glenn Beck Ties It All Together

See, when a bunch of knuckle-dragging wingnuts with ugly signs get together and talk about the president’s birth certificate, it’s good clean American values. But when the people of Wisconsin peaceably assemble to petition for the redress of their grievances, … Continue reading

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No, Glenn Beck, That’s Your History

Doof quote of the day, via Politicususa, from the usual 5:00 suspect: They couldn’t get enough communists to come in so they liquidated the communists. Now that’s the history. No, Glenn Beck. It’s not “the” history, it’s YOUR history.

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Morning Awful: Jesus Doesn’t Get Health Care

Glenn Beck with an extra serving of stupid for Christmas: They view the Constitution as a living, breathing document that evolves. Well, okay… sounds like an interesting idea, but is that what our founding fathers had in mind? Dunno, Glenn. … Continue reading

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The New Religion Of The Righteous

Mississippi has nowhere to go but up. And if we pull Barbour’s finger, he can maybe show us how much he cares about civil rights for Mississippians. A #1stAL hashtag follower tweeted me this Matt Yglesias find at TIME about … Continue reading

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A Glenn Beck Burn Notice

He’s just making shit up now. What George Soros actually said: SOROS: Look, I think — I think you put your finger on a very important flaw in the current world order, and that is that only Americans have a … Continue reading

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