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Solving Gitmo

Whodathunkit? There’s a place that actually wants the Guantanamo Bay prisoners: CHICAGO — Gov. Pat Quinn and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin on Sunday tried to build support and counter criticism of a proposal to sell a prison in rural northwestern … Continue reading

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Habeas Corpus: A Theory

At HuffPo, Andy Worthington wonders why Obama is allowing the Pentagon to continue legal proceedings against a Gitmo inmate despite a federal judge’s ruling that the government has “no case:” I still have no firm idea why Obama and Holder … Continue reading

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Obama’s First Fight With Democrats

Obama is bringing the first Gitmo prisoner to New York for trial. Senate Democrats voted overwhelmingly against funds for closing the Gitmo facility, explaining that they want to see Obama’s plan first. Even Jim Webb, a Senator I actually respect, … Continue reading

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