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Passing Oceania Again

WikiLeaks cables draw the standard picture of oligarchy in decline: The country’s ruling family is described as “The Family” — a mafia-esque elite who have their hands in every cookie jar in the entire economy. “President Ben Ali is aging, … Continue reading

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Chinese UFO Is Just A Rocket

During launch, a rocket produces a cone as it passes through the point of maximum dynamic pressure. The atmosphere bleeding off the shock cone is visible in this photo of a shuttle launch: HuffPo reports on the hysteria: A second … Continue reading

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Gibson’s Law Strikes Again

A prominent evangelist’s tale of salvation from the evils of jihad-Islam has been debunked: In recent months, a group of Muslim and Christian bloggers have made an airtight case against many of Caner’s fabrications using the kind of documentation — … Continue reading

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Gibson’s Law Strikes Again

The first thing down the memory-hole is the existence of a memory-hole. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy — the man in charge of Australian internet censorship — has been caught censoring his own government site with a script that removes references … Continue reading

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CNN’s Virtual Coverage

Usually, there are just two shots in a developing news story. CNN viewers watched the guy in the bomb-proof suit walk up an Airbus jetway about five thousand times the other day while speculation interviews took up airtime. But there … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman’s Comeuppance

Gibson’s Law strikes again. Via Greg Sargent, we have video of Joe Lieberman three months ago proposing the very same Medicare buy-in proposal he now opposes: My proposals were to basically expand the existing successful public health insurance programs Medicare … Continue reading

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Gibson’s Law Will Prevail

Faux Noise has shut down a progressive YouTube channel — and only a progressive YouTube channel — in a naked bid to defy Gibson’s Law. It won’t work. Clips of Faux Noise will continue to appear online no matter what … Continue reading

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Giuliani Argues With Himself

This weekend, Rudy Giuliani delivered a soundbite destined for skewering by Jon Stewart: From ThinkProgress: In fact, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani praised the prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers: -– β€œβ€˜It should show that our … Continue reading

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How Faux Noise Fooled Itself in NY-23

A taste of Gibson’s Law from DailyKos:

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I Spy

Some video for the afternoon! Even though I’m no longer a licensed PI, I still love microcameras so much that I’m following a spy shop on Twitter: The lesson we should all take from this is that privacy is dead. … Continue reading

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Trafigura Meets Gibson’s Law

The future, wielding unimaginable tools of transparency, will have its way with you. The future will find you out. In the end, you will be seen to have done that which you did. – Gibson’s Law Oil trading company Trafigura … Continue reading

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