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Roy Moore is Bringing Teh Wacky™ Back

Roy Moore says he is “very inclined” to run for governor in 2010. Yes, our very own Ten Commandments culture warrior is back, and this time he means business. Moore will be accepting PAC contributions he refused in 2006 when … Continue reading

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The Strange Story of Guy Hunt

Former Alabama governor Guy Hunt died yesterday. He was 75. In an odd convergence of history, his passing comes less than a day after Rod Blagojevich was impeached 59-0 by the Illinois Senate. For while countless press reports have mentioned … Continue reading

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John McCain and George Wallace

Rep. John Lewis caused a dust-up this weekend by comparing the rhetoric of McCain and Palin rallies to George Wallace. McCain took umbrage, sending his campaign manager to declare on Faux Noise: “The idea that you’re going to compare John … Continue reading

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