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Roll Over, Orwell

Apropos of my previous post, all desire to own an e-book reader died yesterday as I read about erasing George Orwell’s books from thousands of Kindles: An Amazon spokesman, Drew Herdener, said in an e-mail message that the books … Continue reading

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Recipe for Fascism

Fascism can be a wonderful substitute for Democracy. It is far less messy and much more profitable — for rulers and collaborators, at any rate — so why not try cooking up one in your country? Here’s what you will … Continue reading

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Square-Peg Pounding Continues

The neocon counteroffensive against the National Intelligence Estimate went into full swing today. Their dream of reversing the 1979 revolution cannot be denied, even by reality. Alan Dershowitz showed up on Huffpost (once a paladin of new media, quickly becoming … Continue reading

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Culture Wars Can Never be Won

Can someone write a peace treaty for the Culture Wars already? It’s a metaphor gone bad. We have declared war on too many things: terror, drugs, crime, you name it. The word “war” has lost all meaning. Pat Buchanan declared … Continue reading

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