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Yet Another Bush-Cheney Failure

In 2007, the United States was subject to a massive, successful cyberattack — and the Bush administration thought it best not to cause panic by telling us.

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Another True Story

This is my 300th blog post since I came to Blogger. Woot! Let’s hear it for 300… Ahem…actually, for this three-hundredth blog, I would like to apologize to the blogosphere. I’ve waited more than seven years to write this. That’s … Continue reading

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No Flaws at All

Oh, listen, my wingnuts, a story you’ll hear.A song I will sing you; ’twill fill you with cheer.A charming young Bush-son was chosen one Fall,To bankrupt the country with no flaws at all. No flaws at all. No flaws at … Continue reading

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Letterman’s Montage

For eight years, David Letterman and John Stewart have done a better job of telling us the truth about George Bush than the MSM. Go figure.

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An Incubus Parody

A decade ago,I never thought Bush forty-threewould have the country on the verge ofspontaneous implosion. -Woe-is-we.-But I guess that it comeswith the terrorist threat,An ominous landscape ofnever-ending piling-up debt.I’m tuning it out,I don’t wanna seecause I have had all I … Continue reading

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The Shoe Incident

Junior’s ‘legacy project’ was destroyed over the weekend by a pair of shoes. In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s the video: There are some liberal bloggers out there expressing concern at the sight of such disrespect to … Continue reading

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Prince George’s Legacy

Apologies to A. A. Milne Prince George was not a good man —And in his latter days,World leaders did not shake his hand,Much to his amaze.At G-20 meetings,When lining up on stage,They whispered of his ruined brand,And did not offer … Continue reading

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Bush and the SOFA

The Decider was in such a hurry to complete a Status Of Forces Agreement with Iraq that he made some major concessions. Actually, he kind of conceded the whole War on Terror thing. In what has to be the strangest … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy for Junior

George Bush, Jr. has always hated the Junior. It was the first thing to go when he ran for president. But as he gives new meaning to the term ‘lame duck,’ it’s time to reapply that fitting nominative suffix. With … Continue reading

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