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Oh, and George Bush Is a Secret Progressive Too

No, I haven’t gone mad. This is the latest Gospel according to Glenn Beck, who was in full rant mood after the SCOTUS verdict. Since he gave Willard a stark warning also, one wonders exactly whom he would like to … Continue reading

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The Other Shoe

There’s a joke they have told in Baghdad for a thousand years. It never gets old to them. It’s the tale of a man who came home to his apartment drunk every night. He would take off his shoes and … Continue reading

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Bush and the SOFA

The Decider was in such a hurry to complete a Status Of Forces Agreement with Iraq that he made some major concessions. Actually, he kind of conceded the whole War on Terror thing. In what has to be the strangest … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy for Junior

George Bush, Jr. has always hated the Junior. It was the first thing to go when he ran for president. But as he gives new meaning to the term ‘lame duck,’ it’s time to reapply that fitting nominative suffix. With … Continue reading

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Halloween Story

I don’t know why I forgot this before, but two Halloweens ago I posted a short story over at, and it’s become a Halloween tradition of sorts for me to repost. Lost in Translation “So this is what a … Continue reading

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Recipe for Fascism

Fascism can be a wonderful substitute for Democracy. It is far less messy and much more profitable — for rulers and collaborators, at any rate — so why not try cooking up one in your country? Here’s what you will … Continue reading

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Just Say No to the Bailout — this one, anyway

If I had the power to do a commercial about the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, it would feature George Bush holding a fistful of money. “This is your money,” a voiceover would say. Then the camera would pan back … Continue reading

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Square-Peg Pounding Continues

The neocon counteroffensive against the National Intelligence Estimate went into full swing today. Their dream of reversing the 1979 revolution cannot be denied, even by reality. Alan Dershowitz showed up on Huffpost (once a paladin of new media, quickly becoming … Continue reading

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Selling Iran: Part Four

Spin for Dummies, page 15: “When square news does not fit the round hole of your narrative, bang it with a hammer until it fits.” A new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has been released. Apparently, the intelligence professionals have learned … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

No, your browser’s working correctly. That’s the actual picture, black empty space and all. Condi Rice stands alone on a huge stage, proclaiming “progress” in the quicksands of Palestine. Thanks to Michael Shaw over at HuffPost for pointing this out. … Continue reading

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The Commander-in-Chief isn’t affected by low poll numbers. He isn’t psychotic, deluded, or irrational. But he is certainly deceitful and manipulative. He has a glib, superficial charm, appearing intelligent enough; yet when he meets with people, he rarely asks questions … Continue reading

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