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ABC Versus the Prius

So there are ABC affiliates losing ad revenue from Toyota dealers upset with “excessive network coverage” of the Prius being added to the recall? I guess that goes to prove two things: (1) car companies make mistakes and (2) ABC … Continue reading

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GM to Rehire Workers

It’s a Christmas miracle! General Motors is calling people back to work: DETROIT (AP) — Higher sales, in part from the government’s Cash for Clunkers program, are spurring General Motors Co. to boost production at several of its factories. The … Continue reading

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China May Buy GM if We Don’t

Yesterday I made the unthinkable suggestion that Congress should buy the Big Three automakers instead of bailing them out or letting them go into bankruptcy. Today, Emptywheel over at FiredogLake points out that Chapter 11 probably won’t work in the … Continue reading

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Don’t Bail Out Detroit. Buy It

Regular readers know my penchant for counter-intuitive thinking. Contrast the prospect of a $25-50 billion bailout of the auto industry with the market capitalization of all three automakers put together: about seven billion. That’s right — put together, the Big … Continue reading

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