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Morning Awful: Authoritarian Homophobia

Science once again proves the obvious: homophobia is mainly the result of self-oppressed, latent homosexuality. The latest evidence comes from the University of Essex, which tested participants for discrepancy between their overt (i.e. stated) and implicit (demonstrated) sexual orientation: RESULTS: … Continue reading

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Reuben Lack’s Lawsuit is Not About Gay Rights at the Alpharetta Prom

When I first heard of Reuben Lack and his lawsuit against Alpharetta High School, I accepted the story as received: teenager versus fuddy-duddy adults is the oldest plot in the world, after all. Press coverage picked up that narrative framework … Continue reading

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Gov Bob McDonnell Is Preventing Me from Being a Bridesmaid

I am ashamed of Virginia. Well, not really, but almost. I guess I’m ashamed of the government, duly elected by the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2009, people stayed home and shrugged and didn’t bother to vote, and … Continue reading

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One Million Moms vs Bill O’Reilly

JC Penney’s hired Ellen de Generes as their official spokesperson. I think that’s a good move. Ellen’s smart, she’s honest, she’s probably so trustworthy she could sell ice to Eskimos. I can’t think of a better representative for this traditional … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Manning Defense

Almost exactly one year ago during the debate on DADT reversal, hate group Focus on the Family media creature Brian Fischer cited the Bradley Manning story to argue that gayness is the first step to treason. That’s ridiculous, of course. … Continue reading

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So Don’t Vote … And This Is What You Might Get

By Emilia1956 Hey, all y’all EmoProgs and Professional Sheisters Lefties in the media … still promoting “Mitt’s the Shit” like your creature Bill Maher does from time to time … subtly promoting him as the acceptable, civilised Republican, when Ron … Continue reading

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Gay Soldier Comes Out To His Father

DADT ended yesterday at midnight. The sky has yet to fall in response, but lots of American servicemen and women have been stepping out of the closet for the last two days. In a very real way, this moment is … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: A Culture-War Win

What an item to wake up to. America has passed the tipping point, and so has the GOP: (W)hile in 2009 50% of Republicans polled felt their party should oppose marriage equality instead of supporting or avoiding it, in 2011 … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Tea Party Nation Queering

Remember Tea Party Nation, the for-profit tea party that held a convention with Sarah Palin at the Gaylord Opryland in 2010? Remember how tea parties were totally all about fiscal responsibility instead of social issues? Color me unsurprised: I believe the … Continue reading

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New York Marriage Equality: Theory of Change

What was that thing Russ Feingold said about how Democrats should tie one fiscal hand behind their back when dealing with Republicans? Because it turns out you can buy the change you want. Stein at HuffPo: The politics of gay … Continue reading

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Passing Rand for Vonnegut

By Marc Mitchell During my freshman year of high school, fresh off an assigned (and traumatic) reading of Elie Wiesel’s Night, I was presented with a choice: Ayn Rand or Kurt Vonnegut.

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