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That’s Rich

Frank Rich, in the New York Times, actually, citing collective amnesia as the reason Democrats’ new strategy of blaming Bush won’t work. But previous presidents have used the strategy to good effect; Reagan spent the first six years of his … Continue reading

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The Triumphant Return of 11-Dimensional Chess

Comparing Obama to Kennedy, Frank Rich writes: Can anyone picture Obama exerting such take-no-prisoners leadership to challenge those who threaten our own economic recovery and stability at a time of deep recession and war? That we can’t is a powerful … Continue reading

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Frank Rich Uses the C-Word

Cult. The meme is breaking through. You heard it here at the Ink first; it was popularized at Huffington Post; then yesterday, Frank Rich used the C-word — and hopefully started a trend toward calling movement conservatism by its proper … Continue reading

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Palin: Trojan Moose, Hockey Imam

Nice. Except that’s not what Madeline Albright actually said. Funny how the party of moral rectitude never hesitates to misquote, lie, and distort facts in pursuit of its godly agenda. Common wisdom says Palin is on this ticket for only … Continue reading

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