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Football And American Social Change

Overt racism and segregation died when Paul Bear Bryant announced he would no longer coach a segregated team in 1971. By the following year, the entire SEC was integrated, and George Wallace had opened up state government to African Americans … Continue reading

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Football is Progressive

I have to hand it to Bill Maher on this one: football is the most progressive sport ever, and the perfect rejoinder to anyone who tells you that socialism is un-American, or that it doesn’t work. It also proves that … Continue reading

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Between Fail And Fiasco There Is Epic Fail

Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio after a disaster-themed 49-7 bowl loss to Alabama, via my local daily: “This game is a roller coaster,” he said. “You go into it — you can be in the locker room all focused … Continue reading

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The Inflation of Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce, whose time on the Florence City Council was marked by his “excitement!” over the Renaissance Tower and the city’s various and sundry infrastructure boondoggles of the 1990s, is just as “excited!” today by the University of North Alabama’s … Continue reading

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Football-Time In Alabama

It is time to admit the drums and brass carried from down the street weren’t lying, that the crackle-and-grunt rhythm of the season punctuated by the screaming cicada is not your imagination. A goddess named Victory will soon bring a … Continue reading

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Alabama’s Annual Archaeism

Despite its reputation as the buckle of the Bible Belt, Alabama’s de facto state religion is college football. Today will see the ritual battle of our two main denominations in what has come to be known as the “Iron Bowl.” … Continue reading

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Football Notes

Halfway through the NFL season, the AFC has nothing on the NFC while the Saints and Vikings are in charge of the latter. The NFC title match will likely produce a Superbowl winner, and that game could very well be … Continue reading

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