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Gingerbread, Hibbett PTA To Lose Tax-Exempt Status (UPDATE)

Gingerbread Playhouse, Hibbett School PTA, the Natchez Trace Genealogical Society, and the Florence chapter of the National Association of Letter Carriers are all about to lose their tax-exempt status, according to the Internal Revenue Service. They are among some 300,000 … Continue reading

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The Inflation of Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce, whose time on the Florence City Council was marked by his “excitement!” over the Renaissance Tower and the city’s various and sundry infrastructure boondoggles of the 1990s, is just as “excited!” today by the University of North Alabama’s … Continue reading

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On The Other Hand, You Have David Riley

David Riley has won a round in appeals court. This may mean a new sentencing process if appeals fail, but it’s really just a delaying tactic since he confessed to the murder in open court… Oh, wait. Who is David … Continue reading

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How To Use Stimulus Funds

My local newspaper was little better than a fish-wrapper while the New York Times company owned it. Now under new, southern-fried ownership, the editorial stance has taken a sudden turn for the better: Either the left hand doesn’t know what … Continue reading

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Lovelace Arrested Again

My sense of vindication keeps growing. Roger Lovelace has turned himself in to face further charges of impersonating a police officer. As I mentioned last week, Lovelace’s arrest has, at least temporarily, silenced the deniers of his guilt. He’s clearly … Continue reading

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The Incest of Small-Town Politics

The nature of small-town politics is inherently incestuous. The smaller the community, the more its members will defend each other against criticism — especially well-grounded criticism — when delivered outside the bounds of hushed rumor. Gossip is fine; spectacle is … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Scott

The summer of 2004 was hot. Alabama hot. Sweltering when it’s not baking. The kind of hot that has the mosquitoes sneaking indoors just for the air conditioning. Even the hardiest types never go outdoors until sundown in that kind … Continue reading

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Well, I started a firestorm with an Op-Ed in my local paper yesterday. For those of you who don’t live in the south: welcome to the one-party system. As much as you hear about the “solid south” voting for Republicans, … Continue reading

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