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Ratf**kers, Republicans, and Bin Laden

Question: Does anybody see anything wrong with this political advert? Because I don’t. First, it’s politics and it’s an election year. Of course, a President trying for re-election is going to harp for all it’s worth on his major achievements; … Continue reading

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Jonathan Chait Puts Bag Over Head, HuffPo Lights It On Fire

Jonathan Chait is not normally given to hyperbole. But it is telling that his New York Magazine essay a few weeks ago on the sources of liberal discontent with Obama didn’t make the masthead at Huffington Post, while “How Obama … Continue reading

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Scary Stupid Headupassitis

By Emilia1956 For the umpteenth time, Hillary Clinton has said she’s leaving politics. She’s not interested in running for President. She’s finished. Done. Retired. For the time being. At least after this stint as Secretary of State. According to an … Continue reading

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When President Obama was elected, he used the words “Armenia” and “genocide” in the same sentence because words are important. He was right to do so. He is wrong now for not using them in the same sentence. While I … Continue reading

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Both Sides Do It

The Republican Party always has a new plan for taking down Clinton Obama, and that plan always makes room for liberal discontent. Here’s Greg Sargent yesterday: While it’s true that disapproval of Obama on the economy is running high over … Continue reading

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The Year of the Cockroach

By Emilia1956 If nothing else, let it be said that the Presidency of Barack Obama proved one precise thing: That the United States is not a post-racial country. More importantly – as 2011 revealed – racism is as rampant on … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, While the Left Was Looking for Reasons to Criticize the President

By Emilia1956 Three years have passed. That’s three years when Democratic voters of all stripes could have built a viable coalition behind the President’s leadership. (Yes, Professional Left, he does lead. He leads; you stir shit). And whilst the Professional … Continue reading

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Cenk Uygur Comes Out of the Woodwork

By Emilia 1956 I’m old enough to remember ratfuckers. They appeared, as if from nowhere, during the 1972 election year – young Republicans, mostly college students, trained to look and act like young Democrats of the day (the forerunners of … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows

By Emilia 1956 Zaid Jilani, a proud Southerner, doesn’t think Ron Paul is at all racist. He tweets:- And:- Zaid Jilani is the Jimmy Olsen of Think Progress, the little kid they’ve let sit at the big kids’ table; but … Continue reading

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Where’s Adam Green When You Need Him?

By Emilia1956 Remember Adam Green? Sure, you do … he’s the geeky-looking guy who fronts the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. He’s the grifter political activist whose group holds accolades from no less than Ed Schultz (“The top Progressive group in … Continue reading

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Joan Walsh, Katha Pollitt, and Katrina vanden Heuvel Pissing on the President

By Emilia1956 Well, there’s an election year next year, and I wonder what the hyper-vocal Professional Left will do if Newt or Mitt come to sit in the Oval Office. They whine and whinge and name-call and block the people … Continue reading

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