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Feminism is Awesome

Via Reddit. Anyone who tells you liberated women are no fun, or have no sense of humor, or just want to hate men, is selling you stupid.

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The War Against Women International: Ugly Words, Ugly People

I know I’ve banged a gong about this, but it’s a pet hate of mine, considering I live in the UK, where foul language is an everyday occurrence, from patrician to politician to pleb. A day doesn’t go by with … Continue reading

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The SB12 Transvaginal Ultrasound Blues

Posey Peep Show is a Vegas burlesque act. They’ve come up with an amusing little ditty about Alabama’s SB12, which would require rape-by-the-state for any woman seeking an abortion before 10 weeks gestation.

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The Bicycle and Women’s Liberation

My father gave a talk at the Florence Public Library today on the bicycle and women’s liberation. Apologies for the quality of the video.

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Andrew Sullivan Thinks He Knows More about Feminism than Women, Gets Handed His Ass

The Overtime segment of Real Time this week showed that misogyny clings to Bill Maher and some of his guests like ticks cling to the hide of a barnyard dog. The second topic on the web-based aftershow segment dealt with … Continue reading

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