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FOX Noise Dim Bulbs

Via Media Matters, Murdochian light bulb hype deconstructed. Conservative culture is in deep capture to consumption as religion, actively negating efficiency and sustainability. The current running through this Bachmannite obsession is powered by denial of change: the world is not … Continue reading

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The Union Civil War Hat Makes This Perfect

This Yankee knows how to aim under pressure. I don’t know who he is, but I believe the 1st Alabama Cavalry would’ve issued this man a Sharps carbine without hesitation. An awesome performance under pressure:

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Why I Don’t Care What Day Obama Gives His Speech (NSFW)

By Magic Love Hose (I am going to use the phrase ‘turtle fucking’ a lot in this post. You were warned.) Every year, in America, in the sweltering August heat, politics gets insane. Matt & I have talked about how … Continue reading

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Faux Edit

This is why I call it FAUX Noise: they edited the applause out of the president’s West Point speech. Cadets cheering Teh Obamanon™ doesn’t fit the narrative, you see. Murdoch’s agit-prop shop doesn’t do journalism, but the “liberal media” jumps … Continue reading

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The FOX News Memory Hole

Jason Linkins at HuffPo took note of the FOX News website’s attempt to purge the image of teabaggery: PETOSKEY, Mich. — The Tea Party Express has toured state after state trying to kick up a debate about constitutional rights and … Continue reading

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The Little Tent

Roger Ailes wants Faux Noise employees to stop dissing Beck: “For the first time in our 14 years we’ve had people apparently shooting in the tent, from within the tent,” TVNewser quotes Ailes as saying to the Washington bureau. “Glenn … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

Brett Baier does his best to get an angry Black man on camera. Just as a reminder, here’s Baier interviewing Bush: It should be abundantly clear at this point that Baier isn’t a journalist.

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Kristol Quoted

An exercise in surrealism via ThinkProgress: WALLACE: Bill, you certainly are an expert in this area. The two leading candidates seem to be the current prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and the original prime minister [Ayad] Allawi. From the U.S. point … Continue reading

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Noise Machine Takedown

Jon Stewart skewers the Faux Noise fear factory.

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Morning Awful

Do you remember when the right erupted over the CBS docudrama about the Reagans? It turned out to be a somewhat oversimplified telling of St. Ronald as good-hearted, if slightly confused old man. This is brought to you by the … Continue reading

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Narcissus Pronoun Nontroversy

In the continuing quest to promote their “narcissist” meme, Faux Noise has been counting the number of times the president uses the first-person singular pronoun in his speeches. Of course, they do this without context or comparison. Mark Lieberman makes … Continue reading

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