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Does Anybody See Anything Wrong with This? Because I Don’t.

Zut alors! Gee, I remember learning that phrase back in the late 60s as a high school student learning French. I always wondered when or if I’d ever use it. When I got to college, learning proper French, I never … Continue reading

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Wherein the British Conservative Party, Like the Republicans, Spreads Irrational Fear and Creates a Crisis from Nothing

Britain has an employment problem. Yes, there’s high unemployment, and it’s getting higher. And they certainly have an immigration problem – both illegal and legal. Their employment problem’s been poodling along for about eight years now, and it concerns the … Continue reading

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What David Cameron Left Behind

Oh, my! That nice David Cameron’s visiting the Obamas again,and this time he’s brought his wife. Why, they say the Brits follow SamCam’s fashions almost as much as we eye up what Michelle’s wearing. SamCam’s even got that cool, little … Continue reading

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Yet Another Myth Dispelled: The UK Takes a Sharp Right Turn

By Emilia1956 I know assorted Progressives in the US view Europe as, collectively, more sophisticated and socially liberal than the US. In many ways, this is true, but only for some countries. I also know that, presented with the fact … Continue reading

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Bidding Berlusconi Buh-Bye

By Emilia 1956 You thought eight years of Bush was bad, try 17 years of Berlusconi. A lot of Americans right now – on the Left as well as the Right – are being stupid in blaming all the problems … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: European Double-Dip

Europe’s financial crisis isn’t staying in Europe; demand for American goods and services is declining. This is why I don’t understand people who root for Europe to fail: It’s affecting companies like Marlin Steel Wire Products, a 34-employee business based … Continue reading

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Weekly World News: Obama in Europe

“None of these challenges can be solved quickly or easily. But all of them demand that we listen to one another and work together; that we focus on our common interests, not on occasional differences; and that we reaffirm our … Continue reading

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