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Wingnut Wind Power Wankery is Not About Free Markets

Last week at the Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg reported on an emerging right wing effort to attack the wind energy sector. ALEC, Americans For Prosperity, and a newer outfit called the American Tradition Institute (really!) have been propagandizing against wind power … Continue reading

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Awesome Technology of the Week

The wind farm of the future is not a turbine, but a stalk. One that lights up at night, stands 180-feet high, and has a concrete base 33 to 66 feet wide. Discovery News: The carbon-fiber stalks, reinforced with resin, … Continue reading

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Harold Simmons Actually Looks Like Mr. Burns

Harold Simmons needs to be a household name, and not for a good reason. He would make The Simpsons into a documentary. I’ll let Rachel Maddow explain:

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This is actually a big effing deal. Maybe even bigger than Joe Biden could express: That big tall bar right there? That’s an exploding wind sector. Couple that with the GM Volt in production again and we’re off to the … Continue reading

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Michelle Duggar in Denial

I keep saying that peak oil denial is the new climate change denial, but climate change denial was really just the new overpopulation denial. Authoritarian patriarchy refuses to accept physical limitations of Earth and its resources, which is why its … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Wants to Comfort the Comfortable

The video above comes from ThinkProgress, which runs down Senator Paul’s inflated oil and gas industry employment numbers. But what made me snort was his assertion that American society should “glorify those who make a profit and employ people,” because … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Denial is the New Climate Change Denial: Gingrich Edition

I keep saying that peak oil denial is the new climate change denial. If you disbelieve in fossils, then you don’t have to believe that fuels are fossils, or that fossil fuels are limited. If God makes oil bubble up … Continue reading

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Perry County Commissioner Albert Turner

Perry County Commissioner Albert Turner was at the Alabama Community Leaders Institute at the campus of Alabama A&M in Huntsville on August 26th. He graciously spoke on camera about his county’s coal ash controversy in the context of economic development … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Gasbags Gang Up on Gasland

Director Josh Fox, the breakthrough documentarian whose Gasland brought much-needed attention to the issue of hydraulic gas fracking, was arrested trying to exercise the First Amendment yesterday. Republicans on the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment brought in Capitol Hill … Continue reading

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Fukushima Fallout: Five 9/11s

Nuclear power is unsafe at any wattage, but especially so when multiple reactors get sited on a fault line. The radioactive contamination got carried by Pacific winds all the way to the United States, where it started killing Americans right … Continue reading

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The New Libya Will Prepare for Peak Oil

Outgoing Finance and Oil Minister Ali Tarhouni on the necessity of growing the non-oil Libyan economy: “This country has been using a nonrenewable resource, and it does not matter how much reserve we have, we will run out of that, … Continue reading

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