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A Brief History of Great Disappointments

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that 89-year old Harold Camping, nonagenarian evangelical leader, has predicted that Rapture will arrive this Saturday. If you’re like me, your first question was “can I have his stuff?” and your second question was … Continue reading

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Individuality Under Assault

Via David Neiwert at C&L: CNN offers a disturbing look into the rhetoric of the Hutaree militia. Neiwert does a good job dissecting it all here, but there’s one aspect that I don’t think gets enough attention: the Fight Club-like … Continue reading

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The Paranoid Universe

Last June, the New York Times took a look at the present-day John Birch Society: Yet for others, the John Birch Society is urgently relevant to the matters of today, in its support of secure borders and limited government, its … Continue reading

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The Eyes of Elimination

Gregory Girard, the creepy-looking dude to the right, is a tea party wingnut. Massachusetts authorities have arrested him for assembling a weapons cache that included military grade weapons, explosive devices including tear gas and pepper ball canisters, camouflage clothing, knives, … Continue reading

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Dear Harold Estes

I read your missive to the president, and once again feel it necessary to repeat that despite being a veteran myself, I don’t put much stock in those whose primary qualification is listed as “veteran” because what follows is generally … Continue reading

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The Beck-Van Impe Nexus

Even as I’ve researched Beck’s sources, it seems to me that he’s been sounding more and more like Jack Van Impe. Take this latest slice of his radio show, as recorded by Media Matters: Greece is “collapsing,” Beck claims, because … Continue reading

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