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“Waitress Moms” Are The New NASCAR Dads

No Republican presidential contender could reinvigorate the American class discussion better than Mitt Romney. Some surprising poll results show President Obama gaining ground with white working class women in those “key swing states” of Electoral Collage obsession.┬áNational Journal calls them … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Waitressing at Slave Wages

Okay, let’s say you’re a Hollywood producer looking to make a big budget movie about a girl who gets lured into a trap by evil, sadistic men intending to sell her into slavery. Excited, you get Liam Neeson’s agent on … Continue reading

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Nickel and Dimed: The American Ruling Class

How did America become a country where half of us are poor? Barbara Ehrenreich’s seminal work of embedded service-industry journalism, Nickel and Dimed, was turned into an offbeat “dramatic-documentary-musical” in 2007. Here’s a selection from The American Ruling Class in … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: George Will

George Will thinks lost public sector jobs are a good thing for the economy, which is nonsense. Then again, Will has spent his entire career propagating stupid ideas about government and spending.

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Congressional Jobs Debt and Culture War Clock

Readers will note the animated .GIF file in the upper right-hand corner has been updated again today. That’s because the Republican-controlled Congress has managed to destroy an additional 25,000 jobs through spending cuts in the last month, add yet another … Continue reading

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Senate Can Create Infrastructure Bank or Give Millionaires $13,457 Each

The Senate is supposed to vote today on another part of Obama’s infrastructure jobs proposals. A bipartisan idea, the infrastructure bank would attract private capital to infrastructure projects with $10 billion in seed money. Greg Sargent: If the new infrastructure … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Job Destruction

Scott Lilly of the Center for American Progress on a new study of Republican job destruction: Most of the nearly 14 million people across our country who are currently unemployed can blame their situation on the inability of Congress and … Continue reading

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Occupy the Center

Have you read Matt Yglesias’ Saturday post on Occupy Wall Street as a rational response to a failed system? If not, do so. Now. Seriously, I’ll wait. It’s time we had a frank discussion about liberalism in our new American … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Wages at a 12-Year Low

Next time someone wonders what happened to the American work ethic, your answer should be the American job. 1) Half of all workers made less than $26,364, the median wage in 2010. That means the typical wage is at its … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Poison Postal Pensions

At AFL-CIO Now Blog, Karl Frisch summarizes how the Republican Party sabotaged the Post Office: Five years ago, during the Bush administration, the Postal Service handled the largest volume of mail ever seen in its 236-year history. It was in … Continue reading

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Blog Action: Pass The Bill Now

CHALLENGE: During this recession, there have been five unemployed applicants to every new job. Hiring discrimination against the unemployed has made it even harder for the unemployed to find a job. Today,┬ámore Americans are unemployed than serving in the American … Continue reading

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