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Virginia Needs Her Krystal Ball

Lord, I hate to do this, but it’s time to call a daughter home to the Commonwealth. Especially since she has a job to do. I’m not talking about myself, although the Commonwealth has been screaming for me to come … Continue reading

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Good Things Happen When We Occupy Voting Booths

Yesterday’s results should put an end to the idea that voting never solves anything. Ohio voters roundly rejected Governor Kasich’s union-busting law, Mississippi voters said no to that state’s “personhood” amendment, and the architect of Arizona’s “papers please” immigration law … Continue reading

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The Tea Tide

Democrats on the Hill are prepping for big losses. But this paragraph caught my attention: For the record, the biggest one-day loss for the president’s party in modern times was in 1938, when voters expressed their impatience with the Depression … Continue reading

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