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Morning Awful: Florida Idiocracy

The University of Florida is eliminating its computer science department to save $1.4 million while increasing its athletic budget by $2 million. That’s right: a flagship university with tens of thousands of computers on campus is prioritizing sports over computer … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: an Education in Slut Shaming

Cathy Samford didn’t expect to get pregnant. She also didn’t expect to be fired from her teaching job at Heritage Christian Academy in Texas, but culture war is at heart education war. Headmaster Dr. Ron Taylor explains his reasoning: “It … Continue reading

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Charter Schools Are Not About Education

When Brooke Harris tried to channel her Michigan charter school students’ outspoken concern about the Trayvon Martin shooting into positive action, she was fired by the school supervisor. Harris received no explanation for her firing and has no recourse. That … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Fear for Teachers

Angry Black Lady cued me in on this horror-story from Michigan about Brooke Harris, a teacher who tried to help her students turn their outspoken concerns over the Trayvon Martin murder into a fundraiser — only to be fired by … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Bullies Enabled

One of the more disgusting trends in right wing demagoguery has been the recasting of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. as a “freedom movement.” The latest example comes from the Koch-funded “Reason” Institute, which is apparently taking up the cause of … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Reuben Lack: Hero to Zero?

The Alpharetta, GA teenager (pictured right) was elected student body president and tried to hold a debate — that’s all, a debate — on making the campus more friendly to gay and lesbian students. This was too much for the … Continue reading

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God Strikes Limestone Correctional Facility

So I am in Montgomery, escaping the softball-sized hail raining on my hometown, and reading about the storm damage to Limestone Correctional Facility, when I find out about this. It’s from a 2006 NYT Op-Ed: The discouraging outlook for low-performing … Continue reading

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Why Rick Santorum Hates Public Schools

I’ve finally discovered the reason Rick Santorum hates public school education. Look below:- This is Rick Santorum in high school. We all knew a Rick – the guy who wore high-water trousers and white socks, the one you never wanted … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Idiocracy

Stacy Hintz has my sympathy. If you haven’t heard, the 28-year old mother was fired from her volunteer job leading a Girl Scout troop in Wisconsin because she included a link to her husband’s website, Wisconsin Sickness, in an email … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Santorum’s Intelligent Design

Presidential contestant Rick Santorum took the Republican nominating reality show to new depths over the weekend. Among the lowlights was this clueless attack on public education: (Santorum) said he wants to get the federal and state governments out of public … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Prison Stimulus

Alabama used $118 million of the state’s $1.1 billion “education” allotment from the 2009 stimulus bill for prisons: Alabama spent about $4,500 in education stimulus dollars per prisoner, about four times the amount per student in kindergarten through 12th grade. Also, … Continue reading

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