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Morning Awful: Shrinking Middle Class

Still wonder why people would risk getting pepper-sprayed in the face? Here’s a hint: the middle class has shrunk so much in the age of conservative governance that you can see it from space: In 2007, nearly a third of … Continue reading

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Occupy the Center

Have you read Matt Yglesias’ Saturday post on Occupy Wall Street as a rational response to a failed system? If not, do so. Now. Seriously, I’ll wait. It’s time we had a frank discussion about liberalism in our new American … Continue reading

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Companies Hoarding Cash

The supply-side gospel is dead — profoundly, utterly debunked by empirical reality — but refuses to shut up. Not only are the wealthiest Americans hoarding trillions of dollars rather than investing, Nonfinancial companies are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, … Continue reading

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Meme of the Month

Job losses can be “W” shaped. Hopefully, this president can manage a “V”-shaped recession with jobs bills. The proof is in the pudding and the chart is showing up as Facebook and Twitter icons.

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Main Street vs. Wall Street

So here’s the good news: American manufacturing is making a comeback. Counties with the heaviest reliance on manufacturing income are posting some of the biggest employment gains of the nation’s early economic recovery. This is a big change from just … Continue reading

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Economy, Prosperity Divorce

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 10,000 yesterday even as unemployment closed on ten percent. Countless economists have explained why jobs will lag the economy as a whole.

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