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Things Can Always Get Worse

Across the Northwest Alabama region, charities are drying up. America has nothing left to give: The Meals on Wheels weekend meals program operated locally by the Community Action Agency has enough money to operate until March 31. If donations are … Continue reading

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Nickel and Dimed: The American Ruling Class

How did America become a country where half of us are poor? Barbara Ehrenreich’s seminal work of embedded service-industry journalism, Nickel and Dimed, was turned into an offbeat “dramatic-documentary-musical” in 2007. Here’s a selection from The American Ruling Class in … Continue reading

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The Definition Of Cognitive Dissonance

One in eight Americans is on food stamps. About one in six Americans is underemployed or unemployed, which means a lot of people aren’t even using them who probably could. Progressives see this as an example of why the food … Continue reading

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