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Mitt Masters Coded Language: A Euphemism for “White”

It’s Olympic Week in the UK. That’s the time to show stuff of Empire and how the Brits taught the world how to organise properly … well, that last bit’s a lie if their security shambles is proof of anything. Seriously, … Continue reading

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John Sununu’s Pot and Kettle Moment

Seems there’s yet another euphemism for the word “black” in American English: unAmerican. Because that’s really what Republicans mean when they say that about our current President. So, here’s what Romney surrogate and attack dog, John Sununu, had to say … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Fail

You might think it impossible for Glenn Beck to keep topping himself for Teh Stupid™, but here it is: a rant about sea turtles and otters. Beck’s blowing a dog-whistle here: the bit about spending 80% of the turtle conservation … Continue reading

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