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Morning Awful: Regressive South Carolina

Republicans across the country are doubling-down on everything that made Americans mad at them last year, like union-busting and abortion laws. All their promises to create jobs were cover for austerity measures and regressive legislation. South Carolina, the state that … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: White Hands at the Ballot Box

South Carolina was the heart of darkness during slavery days. Not only did South Carolinians start the Civil War, theirs was the only state that never raised a Union regiment (yes, Southerners did fight and die for the Union cause). … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Disenfranchisement

Tweeting an AP article which found that South Carolina’s new voter ID bill will hit African Americans harder than whites, Republican operative and self-described Christian Wesley Donehue remarked that the article “proves EXACTLY why we need Voter ID in SC.” … Continue reading

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Yes To Puppets

I’m with Digby in her analysis of right-wing dominance in the health care debate: This is, btw, why people make those stupid puppets for the big marches. If you aren’t willing to bring on the Nazi imagery, it’s the only … Continue reading

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Republicans Hate Grandma

The GOP’s answer to their political irrelevance? Disenfranchise someone, of course: Republican legislative leaders have lost all sense of shame with their 11th-hour bill to roll back voting rights in Florida. The legislation is so disgraceful it is no wonder … Continue reading

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