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Cheneys Are Exactly Wrong

The first Guanatanamo detainee civilian trial has begun. The defense is simple: Defense attorney Steve Zissou, however, described Ghailani as an unwitting “dupe” for al-Qaida. His client, he said, “ran errands” for longtime friends he believed were legitimate businessmen – … Continue reading

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The Texas School Board has officially jumped the couch: 9:40 – We’re just picking ourselves up off the floor. The board’s far-right faction has spent months now proclaiming the importance of emphasizing America’s exceptionalism in social studies classrooms. But today … Continue reading

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Maddow Destroys Liz Cheney

And in doing so, parodies the Beck formula to hilarious new heights:

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Morning Awful

Via Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog comes this Liz Cheney craptacular: Apparently, fulfilling your oath to the law is breaking the law. Or something.

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Ripping Cheney’s Heart Out

While Dick Cheney was hospitalized for chest pains, the criminal justice system was busy disproving his entire doctrine. AP via HuffPo: NEW YORK — A former airport shuttle driver accused of buying beauty supplies to make bombs for an attack … Continue reading

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I never, ever talk about celebrity culture in this blog. Some friends tell me that’s a shortcoming, but I think of it as my own personal rejection of the Huffington Post formula. Nevertheless, I admit the news of Brad Pitt … Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell’s Tortured Response and the Origins of Cheneyism

In his response to the president’s SOTU last night — before a curiously packed and well-coached statehouse — Virginia’s new governor took up the anti-Obama mantle. Not only did his remarks remarkably seem off-key, considering the president’s actual speech, but … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney’s Nightmare

is a crowd of Haitians chanting “USA! USA!” as an American search-and-rescue team evacuates a woman who was trapped in a building for three days. When Obama mentions his ideas about a permanent peace force during the SOTU, he will … Continue reading

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Yet Another Bush-Cheney Failure

In 2007, the United States was subject to a massive, successful cyberattack — and the Bush administration thought it best not to cause panic by telling us.

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When Republicans "Cannot Recall"

What is it with Republicans who “cannot recall” things? Reagan used the phrase when denying Ollie North. Larry Craig used it denying his wide stance was an invitation to gay bathroom sex. Now it turns out Cheney used the phrase … Continue reading

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When Cheney Speaks

Darth Cheney only emerges from his secure and undisclosed cryogenic crypt whenever his own legacy is on the line. In July, he made the case for torture; now, in a massive display of psychological projection, Cheney has accused Barack Obama … Continue reading

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