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Tea Party Racism

One year ago, FreedomWorks astroturfer Dick Armey said the “bubba vote” would prevent the election of Barack Obama. Here’s the video: Dick Armey added that “Republicans would not encourage” such prejudices. Then after the election of Barack Obama, he set … Continue reading

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Meet The Press Revived by Liberal

Looks like I’ll have to call off the deathwatch for Meet the Press, as Rachel Maddow’s appearance Sunday appears to have rescued the show from David Gregory’s earnest attempts to destroy it: “Meet the Press” had its highest total viewer … Continue reading

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Dick Armey is Not Hurting

You may have heard that Dick Armey had to resign from his law firm job due to pressure from clients. He’s already something of a false martyr among the wingnut bloggers, but hold your pity: Armey is definitely not hurting. … Continue reading

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