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The Democratic Party Marijuana Evolution

The same week President Obama “evolved” out of the gay marriage closet, congressional Democrats tried to evolve federal medical marijuana laws with a bipartisan amendment: None of the funds made available in this Act to the Department of Justice may be … Continue reading

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We the People

If you’re seriously thinking about voting for Romney, or voting Third Party or not even voting (both of which are tantamount to voting for Romney), you seriously need to listen to The Boss. Emphasis on the “we.” We the people. … Continue reading

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Time to Put the Right Kind of Blue into Blue Collar

Yes, I’m a Baby Boomer. Yes, I was part of that post-War generation who was, I suppose, brought up in what some now call the Age of Prosperity. I can just about remember Kennedy’s Inaugural speech, the one where he … Continue reading

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Yankees, Please …

Like Charles Blow said in his column this weekend, and as I say regularly again and again, Southerners do not find caricature endearing. That’s a nice way of saying, we don’t much appreciate some short-vowelled Yankee wrinkling his nose up … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, Rock’n Roll … and Democrats

In the end, the Election of 2012 will not be remembered as the one fought on the economy or on immigration issues or even healthcare. This election is all about sex and its place in our lives, specifically what sex … Continue reading

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Virginia Democrats, Don’t Laugh … SHOUT!

Lord, Lord … the more I see of what’s going on in Virginia, the more I think I’m going to have to come home, swallow my pride, sell some land and run for public office. Why? I’ll tell you why … Continue reading

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Republicans Hand Democrats a Wedge Issue to Counter Abortion

Republicans are doing a great job marginalizing themselves by sticking up for employers’ “rights” to deny their employees birth control. More importantly, a stand against birth control access nullifies their advantage on one of America’s most divisive issues: abortion. Ezra … Continue reading

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Republicans Double-Down, Democrats Disperse

House Speaker John Boehner really isn’t very good at his job. In case you haven’t heard, Mr. Tropic Thunder called President Obama “almost un-American” during a press conference Tuesday. (“Almost,” because you don’t nevah go full un-American. Especially when you … Continue reading

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The Center Cannot Hold

I could not bear to watch the final Republican debate. One of my Twitter correspondents — a sweet-tempered Alabamian named Jill who identifies with neither party, and so considers herself part of the middle — asked me why not. I … Continue reading

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I Have a Question for Senator Sanders

By Emilia 1956 This is specifically related to the end of his interview with Rev Al Sharpton on MSNBC. I, too, hope that the Democrats stand tall with the working families of America. You see, I was raised to believe, … Continue reading

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More Southern Voices Contradict the Professional Left

Alan Jackson, Democrat, wrote a song two years ago about the effect corporations and their financed business entities were having on the rural and small-town South. It’s very poignant and conveys a strong message:- Jackson is from Georgia, a strong … Continue reading

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