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Morning Awful: Southern Death Penalty

Regular readers will know that I have mixed feelings on the death penalty, yet there is no denying that execution has been applied unequally. In fact, looking at this map from The Economist, there is a clear regional bias. States … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Troy Davis (Warning: unfunny)

I just can’t find any jokes to tell about Troy Davis, everyone. Tomorrow I’ll find something to make a dead baby joke about, honest. Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can trust him because of in spite … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Death Penalty Dissonance

So last night, Georgia executed Troy Davis with only a semblance of justice. My Twitter stream exploded in outrage while Michelle Malkin tried to trend the name of the murdered officer, Mark McPhail. Amid the firestorm, however, I could only … Continue reading

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On The Other Hand, You Have David Riley

David Riley has won a round in appeals court. This may mean a new sentencing process if appeals fail, but it’s really just a delaying tactic since he confessed to the murder in open court… Oh, wait. Who is David … Continue reading

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We Come to Bury Cameron Todd Willingham, Not To Praise Him

Yesterday, Rick Perry — Texas’ seditious governor — declared Cameron Todd Willingham “a monster” who beat a pregnant woman to cause a miscarriage. This was after Perry had already changed the panel that will review the case. Long story short, … Continue reading

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