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Morning Awful: Manning Defense

Almost exactly one year ago during the debate on DADT reversal, hate group Focus on the Family media creature Brian Fischer cited the Bradley Manning story to argue that gayness is the first step to treason. That’s ridiculous, of course. … Continue reading

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A Song for Fame-Whoring Grifters

By Emilia1956 Dan Choi’s back. Really, he couldn’t stay away. Almost a year after the Senate repealed the odious DADT, after Choi had spent innumerable hours bad-mouthing the President in every way possible, and after this past summer’s hissyfit performance … Continue reading

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So Don’t Vote … And This Is What You Might Get

By Emilia1956 Hey, all y’all EmoProgs and Professional Sheisters Lefties in the media … still promoting “Mitt’s the Shit” like your creature Bill Maher does from time to time … subtly promoting him as the acceptable, civilised Republican, when Ron … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: the Martyrdom of Dan Choi

This is not about DADT, which has been reversed, but the ongoing career of Dan Choi. To understand, you must rearrange the ‘graffs in this AP story: Twelve other demonstrators arrested with Choi previously accepted deal with prosecutors, agreeing to … Continue reading

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Bullet Points for Dan Choi, Who is Not the Queen

Memo to: CHOI, DAN, LT From: OSBORNE, MATT, SGT Date: 22 JUN 11 RE: Friendly Fire Incident Sir: I was not witness to your blue-on-blue incident at the panel entitled “What to do when the President is not that into … Continue reading

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USMC Fights For DADT

The Commandant of the Marine Corps opposes overturning DADT? Color me unsurprised. As the US Army’s history on service integration of minorities puts it: The Truman order, the Fahy Committee, even the demands of civil rights leaders and the mandates … Continue reading

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The Phillips Opportunity

Over at FDL, Marcy Wheeler isn’t so sure Judge Phillips’ DADT injunction is the total victory for which human rights activists have been waiting: It is hard to see how the federal government in DC can allow a single remote … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Since the founding of the United States some 1,200,000 Americans have died in furtherance of freedom — or, at least, what the commander-in-chief called freedom. We remember that sacrifice today with speeches, cookouts, and televisual retrospectives. We mostly pretend to … Continue reading

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Sheehan Is Full Of Shit

John Sheehan, (Gen., US Army, Rtd) told a House committee yesterday that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell must remain the policy of the United States military because having open gays turned the Dutch into such wussies they couldn’t prevent the genocide … Continue reading

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Dear Lt. Choi

Sir, As a disabled veteran I will never have the privilege of sharing a foxhole with you, but I’d gladly do it. You have more personal integrity than nine out of ten officers I’ve served under, which is no dig … Continue reading

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The Art of Reversal

Sure, Obama might have just issued an executive order and done away with DADT with a pen-stroke. But rather than set himself against the Pentagon, Obama decided to utilize the chain of command to strengthen the case for a reversal … Continue reading

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