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Judging Dredd

While taking a vacation recently, I managed to let the new Judge Dredd trailer slip by unnoted. You can see now why I waited for the broad vista of the mega-city to appear before making any judgments from those early … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon TV: Cyberpunk

The cyberpunk genre had a remarkably-short shelf-life. Within a decade of its inauguration by writers like William Gibson, who coined the term “cyberspace,” cyberpunk had ceased to be fiction and become the news. Yet science fiction wrestled with the issues … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Videodrome

In 1983, David Cronenberg directed a seminal film on the subject of transhumanism: Videodrome, in which technology affects our biology and virtual reality becomes the real. The unforgettable closing sequence has become a pivotal moment in the cyberpunk genre.

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Interactive Tattoos

Further evidence that cyberpunk fiction was only a moment of anticipation: Scientists are researching biodegradable, silicon-silk devices that could be implanted inside the human body for various applications, potentially including the development of “LED tattoo” skin displays. Unlike the current … Continue reading

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Cyborg Insects

Yes, you read correctly. Cyborg insects: For the first time, researchers have controlled the movements of free-flying insects from afar, as if they were tiny remote-controlled aircraft. By connecting electrodes and radio antennas to the nervous systems of beetles, the … Continue reading

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