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The Sword Maker

The samurai and his sword are both examples of warfare as a cultural adaptation, and became the very purpose of the culture for centuries — a means become an end. Today, we feel differently about swordsman and sword: the former … Continue reading

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Calvin & Hobbes Transmogrifier Homage

The ultimate car culture meme: every pedestrian is a potential Hitler, therefore you should drive more recklessly.

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On Last Stands and Lost Causes

Slowly but surely, the urgency of the moment is becoming clear. The “new” Republican Party is prepared to sink to any low necessary to enact as much of its agenda as possible. With nearly one thousand abortion bills in the … Continue reading

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How The Left Loses At Kulturkampf

By ceding the cultural ground instead of seeding it: Ever since the early days of Rush Limbaugh, liberals/progressives have been playing a defensive game in the media.  They ceded the AM radio dial, while corporate conservatives bought up companies and … Continue reading

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Leveling Authority

At TIME, the admirable Christopher Hayes previews his forthcoming book on American elites: It’s beyond our ability to recognize the imperceptible upward creep of global temperatures, so we must rely on the authority of those who are doing the highly … Continue reading

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Krugman and Kulturkampf

Firebaggery does not become Mr. Krugman. This is what I expect of lesser minds: More and more, it’s becoming clear that progressives who had their hearts set on Obama were engaged in a huge act of self-delusion. Once you got … Continue reading

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If Tax Cuts Worked As Advertised, We Would All Be Rich

Current income tax rates make it possible for Warren Buffet to pay a lower rate of tax than his secretary: her income is earned as wages or salary, while his is “capital gains.” According to the aptly-named Laffer Curve and … Continue reading

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Kulturkampf: A Definition

Some knowledge of German is quite nearly mandatory for those who study military history. I borrow this particular German word because of its history and applicability to the study of politics as the continuation of warfare by other means. Which … Continue reading

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Politics As The Continuation Of War By Other Means

Karl von Clausewitz wrote that “War is not merely a political act, but also a political instrument, a continuation of political relations, a carrying out of the same by other means.” At the time, humanity had yet to invent mechanized … Continue reading

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Art And Kulturkampf

I was pondering culture wars today when I found this UK Independent report on a secret CIA program that supported abstract expressionist art: The next key step came in 1950, when the International Organisations Division (IOD) was set up under … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: The ACLJ

Pat Robertson’s “answer” to the ACLU is leading the fight to keep a Muslim YMCA (NOT a mosque) from locating near the site of the 9/11 tragedy. Curiously, the ACLJ and ADL are contradicting themselves to do so: The American … Continue reading

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