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An Olympic Uniform for Republicans

So, Ralph Lauren has designed the US Olympic Team’s Opening Ceremony uniforms. See below:- As the Olympics is being held in two weeks’ time here in the land of the perenniel losers, dingy and wet summers and same-sex private education, … Continue reading

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Is the World’s Longest-Running Performance Art Piece Finally Ending?

Neal Rauhauser (pictured) is really into performance art — ultimate, endurance performance art. He has spent much of the last two years perpetrating a merry prank that right wing bloggers have taken all too seriously. Indeed, Rauhauser’s epic comedy routine … Continue reading

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Culture Jamming: A Pictorial Definition

Via Reddit.

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Alternative Horoscopes by Anna

Astrology has been suffering a crisis lately, as knowledge becomes general that our actual sky is incompatible with the “signs” astrologers see. As a result, there have been pseudoscientific efforts to reinvent the “science” of popular astrology — which, being … Continue reading

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Neither Gaza, Nor Lebanon. My Life For Iran

Today was Quds Day in Iran: the last Friday during Ramadan, when the clerical government encourages citizens to display their hate for Israel with marches and chants. Ahmadinejad gave a speech filled with Holocaust denial and apocalyptic language towards Israel. … Continue reading

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Iran: Slogan Jamming

Three things about the following video, which comes via Nico Pitney’s Iran blog at Huffington Post, need explanation: first, it’s obviously been made with a microcamera hidden on someone’s body. That speaks volumes about the way technology eats away at … Continue reading

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