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The Usual Suspects

This ad aired in the middle of Rachel Madoff’s show last night on MSNBC: Statements like “the storm is coming” are classic Kulturkampf, but now they have been wrapped up in the language of liberty and fairness. “The gays are … Continue reading

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They’ve Already Lost

I can’t say it any better than Chez Pazienza: “It’s too late for opponents of gay marriage; they’ve already lost. The genie is out of the bottle, he’s fabulously dressed, and there’s no putting him back in.” Here’s Iowa State … Continue reading

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Hostile Birthing: the Quiverfull Movement

I’ve written before about the largely-Protestant Quiverfull Movement, which has some ideas about family size that would make the Pope happy. NPR’s Morning Edition ran a radio article about them this morning laying out the hostile theology at the heart … Continue reading

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Cult of Life

There’s a scene in And the Band Played On in which a CDC researcher asks a woman whether her husband ever had sex with another man. The husband lies dying of AIDS in the next room. It is early in … Continue reading

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