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CPAC Not Only Racist, But Also Incredibly Stupid

Via New York magazine, we have visual evidence that Donald Trump’s CPAC speech was attended as lightly as Ali Akbar’s Blog Bash. That’s the VIP section, which tells you that very important persons don’t want to sleep through a self-congratulating … Continue reading

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Despite Purges, CPAC Still Incredibly Racist

Jeff Dunetz, aka YidWithLid, is one of the most disgusting creatures in the Breitbart Clan. In the video below, shot yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Dunetz can be heard off-camera yelling at Greg Thrasher, an African American … Continue reading

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Santorum Courts the New Conservatism

Readers may recall how former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke aimed to change the image of racist right-wing politics by giving it a mainstream look and appeal, even running for office in Louisiana. “White nationalism,” the new term of choice, … Continue reading

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Back to the Future by Way of the French Revolution

I’ve remarked many times on the historical revisionism of right-wing theology and the implicit desire for a great rolling-backwards to re-fight every battle that reactionary conservatives have ever lost. Via Right Wing Watch, here’s Jeffrey Bell at a CPAC panel … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: CPAC Kulturkampf

Pay very close attention to what Kevin Deanna, founder of the white supremacist group Youth for Western Civilization, has to say for himself at the CPAC conference: It’s a cultural compound of Christian, classical, and then the folk traditions of … Continue reading

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The Teabagger Fail

Faux Noise minimizing the impact of Ron Paul on its party: Paulites are a big reason for the reenergizing of the conservative base. They came up with the “tea party” meme a long time ago and have essentially had it … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

Tell me again why I should be afraid of the culture warriors? “Natural rights” is a code phrase for Christianist politics. For this controversy to show up at CPAC is indicative of how the right’s wedge issues are now wedged … Continue reading

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Cheney and Liz showed up, providing the usual tortured logic. Then Glenn Beck tortured history: “progressivism,” he said in his CPAC keynote, “is eating the Constitution.” He made no mention of unitary executive doctrine. In a room sponsored by John … Continue reading

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