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Black Friday In The United States Of Walmart

The Walton family is incredibly rich. That’s fine; they should have the fruits of their labor. But what fruits belong to the dedicated people who make their company work year after year without ever getting ahead? Why should the public … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Blacklist

Forty-four UK construction firms paid a “consultant” named Ian Kerr to keep thousands of names on a worker blacklist. While the Information Commissioner broke up the concern in 2009, little has happened since then and Kerr has paid only a … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Gasbags Gang Up on Gasland

Director Josh Fox, the breakthrough documentarian whose Gasland brought much-needed attention to the issue of hydraulic gas fracking, was arrested trying to exercise the First Amendment yesterday. Republicans on the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment brought in Capitol Hill … Continue reading

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The Truth Is Outsourced

“Good enough for government work” takes on a new meaning when the government outsources the work. Take, for instance, the US State Department hiring a consultant called Cardno Entrix to handle the entire Keystone XL permitting process. ThinkProgress: Cardno is … Continue reading

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Corporate Fascism

When the New York Times hurriedly changes factual coverage into propaganda, and JP Morgan Chase can buy the NYPD for a few million, we are in trouble:

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Kentucky Agency Lets Big Coal Poison Kentuckians

For years now, Appalachian Voices has been calling foul on the monthly water contamination reports from below mountaintop removal sites, claiming that industry reports were insufficient. This year, the EPA required outside testing. At long last, vindication in chart form: … Continue reading

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The Union Agenda

Who needs card check? The National Labor Relations Board will revamp the rules on union votes: The board’s most recent annual report says 1,619 unionization elections were held in fiscal year 2009, with unions winning 63.8 percent of them. Business … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges makes a great point here linking our cultural war on empathy to the decline of American journalism and foreign policy. I’ve made much the same point myself, many times, but of course he makes it better:

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Morning Awful: Working for Oligarchy

From The Nation, a frightening description of corporate fascism: “Before Citizens United, federal election law allowed a company like Koch Industries to talk to officers and shareholders about whom to vote for, but not to talk with employees about whom … Continue reading

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Atheist Affirmations: Time to Grow Up

From Glen Corvus Good evening, faithful! I hope the Lord’s Day finds you happy, well-fed and blissfully ignorant of the horrible realities that currently plague our blessed world. For in these troubling times, it has never been more important for … Continue reading

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What Actual, Real, Not-Imaginary Fascism Looks Like

Corporate fascism is the separation of rights from you and me and the awarding of them to oligarchical collectives. Keith Olbermann has been suspended for quietly giving campaign contributions to candidates. Of course, MSNBC president Phil Griffin is doing this … Continue reading

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