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The Brett Kimberlin Free Association Game

As I keep saying, last June a gang of Breitbart goons came into my Twitter timeline trying to push an absurd story about Brett Kimberlin into a story I was telling about Jason Wade Taylor, a con artist who had … Continue reading

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How Lee Stranahan Beat Brett Kimberlin At His Own Game

Bill Schmalfeldt aka @LiberalGrouch was served with legal documents last Saturday morning. His wife was at the store, so Bill was alone with his Parkinsons disease when the officers knocked on his door. He had to answer in his pajamas and explain to … Continue reading

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I Demand to be Included in Legal Insurrection’s Sinister StopRush Conspiracy Theory

I had forgotten about Legal Insurrection and its author, William Jacobson, an Ivy League law professor who’s nuttier than a pecan-pistachio-peanut butter sandwich. He last appeared as a subject in this blog nearly three years ago, when he spent the … Continue reading

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A Map of Global Oligarchy

Having mapped the global oligarchy (above, with the biggest ownership companies in red), this New Scientist article was doing fine when: Crucially, by identifying the architecture of global economic power, the analysis could help make it more stable. By finding the … Continue reading

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Video Games are Tools of Satan

These people are exactly like Taliban fundies banning music and television. They would protest the comparison, but they would protest it too much. Anything that expands a child’s imagination beyond the limits of Leviticus — books, movies, games, whatever — … Continue reading

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Heckuva Job Brownie’s New Conspiracy Theory

I was expecting this silly meme to spread and form new rationalizations. First we have the president sabotaging oil rigs, per Rush Limbaugh — your classic “false flag” nonsense borrowed straight from the world of Infowars and Alex Jones. The … Continue reading

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Called It

It was inevitable. The timing is too good. Rush Limbaugh is now a full-fledged conspiracy theorist, and it was predicted here. He’s trying to spread a paranoid meme in full-fledged denial of evidence. He will be joined by Alex Jones. … Continue reading

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Nonviolent Reform

A few months ago, Booman noted the difficulties and complexities of getting health care reform passed. In doing so, he pointed out some inconvenient truths about the process — truths that, upon annoying the lefty ‘sphere with their truthfulness, invoked … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Nontroversy

First, the video; in which Huffington Post’s Nico Pitney asks Obama a rather tough question at the press conference today: Politico’s Ben Smith posted the following paragraph on his blog after the presser: The high-profile the administration is giving the … Continue reading

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A New (Old) Smear and the Three Laws of Paranoia

It took all of about five minutes for the cyberspace tinfoil-hat brigade to mutter the names of David Kellerman and Vince Foster in the same breath. Just twelve hours later, I found a comment on another blog (I won’t link … Continue reading

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"Ted" the Comment Troll

I’ve had to enable comment moderation. I was hoping to avoid that for as long as possible, but as of this morning I discovered yet another batshit insane comment from a Blogspot spammer named “Ted” who thinks Obama’s middle name … Continue reading

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