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Assault On Planned Parenthood Follows ACORN Template

If you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention. When ACORN became the victim of a smear campaign by right-wing media, many people shrugged. It seemed to them that ACORN had somehow “asked for it” in the way rape victims … Continue reading

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Cheney and Liz showed up, providing the usual tortured logic. Then Glenn Beck tortured history: “progressivism,” he said in his CPAC keynote, “is eating the Constitution.” He made no mention of unitary executive doctrine. In a room sponsored by John … Continue reading

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"Tonight We Are All Rush Limbaugh"

So says tquare of Red State. I present the complete words of tsquare; pics and vids are commentary. All emphasis mine. Earlier this evening, as most of you now know, one of our own, Rush Hudson Limbaugh, while taking withering … Continue reading

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Sauce For The Goose

Fox took out a full-page ad yesterday claiming Teh Librul Media™ had failed to report on the “tea party” protest in Washington last Saturday. here’s what CNN’s Rick Sanchez had to say: This is the mythology of victimization. Wingnuts are … Continue reading

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Their Own Reality

Obama killed last night in his SOTU address. To really understand how important Obama’s speech was, consider the global political environment. As Tom Friedman explains: For all the talk in recent years about America’s inevitable decline, all eyes are not … Continue reading

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