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‘Persecuted:’ Christian Conservatism Is Now A Movement Of Querulants

When the condition manifests as habitual or vexatious litigation, we call the mentally ill “querulants.” Continue reading

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Despite Purges, CPAC Still Incredibly Racist

Jeff Dunetz, aka YidWithLid, is one of the most disgusting creatures in the Breitbart Clan. In the video below, shot yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Dunetz can be heard off-camera yelling at Greg Thrasher, an African American … Continue reading

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Looks Like All “Compassionate” Conservatives “Do” God

Tony Blair former Labour Prime Minister of the UK, – he who famously got on with Bill Clinton and even more infamously got on with George Bush – was a Labour Prime Minister. Under the influence of his chief political … Continue reading

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Wherein the British Conservative Party, Like the Republicans, Spreads Irrational Fear and Creates a Crisis from Nothing

Britain has an employment problem. Yes, there’s high unemployment, and it’s getting higher. And they certainly have an immigration problem – both illegal and legal. Their employment problem’s been poodling along for about eight years now, and it concerns the … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan Thinks He Knows More about Feminism than Women, Gets Handed His Ass

The Overtime segment of Real Time this week showed that misogyny clings to Bill Maher and some of his guests like ticks cling to the hide of a barnyard dog. The second topic on the web-based aftershow segment dealt with … Continue reading

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Conservative Culture Sows the Seeds of its Own Demise

Millennials, who will be the decisive cohort in future national elections, are less religious than previous generations and less likely to respond to social wedge issues. Evangelicals, on the other hand, are voting in record numbers in the Republican primaries — in fact, they make up half … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Conservatism in Decline

In its quantitative form, politics is about vote counts and polling data. In its qualitiative form, politics is about the state and the relative power of the many kinds of people in it. Today’s conservative problem is the diminishing power … Continue reading

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Cults, Consciousness, and Culture War Conservatism

Paul Krugman describes the basic problem of modern conservatism, which cannot answer any challenge of the 21st Century because it is living in an imaginary previous one: (T)he long-running con game of economic conservatives and the wealthy supporters they serve … Continue reading

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The Tea Party is Only as ‘Dead’ as Conservatism

“Conservatism is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota,” Santorum crowed, at a rally in St. Charles, Mo. “Tonight was a victory for the voices of our party, conservatives and Tea Party people.” The Daily Beast raised some hopes and … Continue reading

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