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Chris Matthews Needs to Teach His Son How Government Works

Chris Matthews has interviewed Zack Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, who star in the up-coming film entitled The Campaign, which is, well, about a political campaign. During the interview, Chris mentioned that one of his sons has political views “to the … Continue reading

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Why Progressives Don’t Get All Their Cookies

While disappointed, marijuana activists have no one but themselves to blame if they invested too much in a president. For as I keep saying, presidents don’t make the laws — especially presidents who understand constitutional law. Obama clarified his administration’s medical … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Star Chamber

As I said the other day, a movement that actually wants to actually change the American political scene will stop whining incessantly about the president, focusing with laserlike clarity on the legislative branch instead. For example, look at how much … Continue reading

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This American Life on Money in Congress

If you have not listened, you must: the best show on terrestrial radio has gone inside the Washington money machine to report on how it actually works. One detail bound to surprise many: it’s not the lobbyists who chase the … Continue reading

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NDAA: Chris Hedges Barks Up the Wrong Tree

Chris Hedges is not suing the president for personal publicity; I’m afraid it’s much worse than that. He’s a committed pacifist with a very respectable record of leadership in the movement, putting his body where his words are. But the … Continue reading

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The Punk Patriot Wants Peace

Progressive discontent with the president mainly centers around the president’s use or non-use of presidential power. If the president would only ignore Congress and close Guantanamo unilaterally, the argument goes, then he could keep his promise. Besides (the argument inevitably … Continue reading

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Keep Talking, Cenk

Because it’s obvious you still don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Did you miss out on a basic American civics class? Cenk Uygur speaks of “this bill” as if NDAA was something new and cruel and unusual. In fact, the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Gift to Bill Maher and the Professional Left

By Emilia1956:Happy Festivus, Bill … I know you’re back in a few weeks and you’ll be in Hawaii soon. Stalking the President, are you? Well, here’s something of which those of us pragmatics would like to remind you … it’s … Continue reading

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Facts of Congress

Three decades ago, the average American high school graduate had three years of civics education. Today, American students are lucky to have one full year of education in how American government works. That sad situation makes it incredibly easy to … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Cell Spam

HR 3035 is pure evil. The Mobile Information Act of 2011 will change the Communications Act of 1934 to let companies call your cell phone and tell you about their latest offers. In the last decade, Americans got cell phones to … Continue reading

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Occupy Valley Forge

While nonpartisan frustration with the direction of occupation protests had begun to mount, the movement was already planning an organized retreat to Winter quarters. In an essay on activism as kulturkampf, Micah White writes at Adbusters: We can accelerate the #OCCUPYHOMES meme … Continue reading

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