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Why Mass Effect is a Parable About Climate Change

This post is going to have spoilers, including for the ending to Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect is my current science fictional obsession. I buttoned down and got an Xbox 360 solely for it in 2007; I wound up re-buying … Continue reading

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Mali in Danger of Culturecide

I’m not sure what Bono has to do with threats to cultural artifacts in Timbuktu, but it’s a real problem. Mali’s army may be unable to reestablish control with minimal destruction and civilian deaths. This might get really ugly, really … Continue reading

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At its heart, the unrest in Mali is about climate change and human cultural geography. Human culture is filled with examples of climate adaptation — take those mud-walled mosques, for example. As the Jamestown settlers learned, wool that clothes well … Continue reading

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The Jeremy Scahill Blame Continuum

The above chart from the CIA World Factbook shows population growth before and after President Ali Abdullah Saleh took power. Like Syria and Libya and Egypt, Yemen has not known family planning. All of them are patriarchal societies with burgeoning … Continue reading

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Climate Change Propelling Conflict in Syria

I can’t stand another delusional paranoid blog post raving about the PNAC agenda in Syria. As much as lefties have talked about climate change and the coming age of climate wars, it’s shocking how many of them don’t seem to … Continue reading

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Food Insecurity

Hitler’s Panzers turned south in late 1942, away from Moscow, in order to roll up the Ukrainian breadbasket. Few retrospectives of Nazi Germany take account of food insecurity in a growing German nation back then, decades before the Green Revolution … Continue reading

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To the Shores of Tripoli?

The Europeans are already running short of precision munitions. That was not unexpected here; count me among the Euroskeptics on conventional power projection. But this caught my eye: A spokesman for the Misurata City Council appealed for NATO to send … Continue reading

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