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“Waitress Moms” Are The New NASCAR Dads

No Republican presidential contender could reinvigorate the American class discussion better than Mitt Romney. Some surprising poll results show President Obama gaining ground with white working class women in those “key swing states” of Electoral Collage obsession.¬†National Journal calls them … Continue reading

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When the One Percent Pander, It’s Insulting to the Rest

Bill Maher had occasion to interview Charles Murray this week. Murray, as you know, is the Libertarian social commentator-author-cum-political pundit, whose works include Losing Ground: American Social Policy 1950-1980 (which argued, quite simply, that social welfare programs did more harm … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Brian Beckmann

African Americans in the Miami-Dade area should worry about Fire Rescue Captain Brian Beckmann. People who update their¬†Facebook status to “Racist Asshat” aren’t generally the best bet to deal with fire coverage in your neighborhood if it’s too, y’know, “hood:” … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: King Castle

John K. Castle (pictured right) is rich. Because wealthy CEOs are the American royalty, Castle thinks he’s king. Recently, waiter Paul Kucik messed up and brought his bill to the table instead of charging it to an account. Kings never … Continue reading

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The 1% Has Always Been With Us

From an excellent post at Io9, “The greatest mystery of the Inca Empire was its strange economy:” The secret of the Inca’s great wealth may have been their unusual tax system. Instead of paying taxes in money, every Incan was … Continue reading

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