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Confederacy of Dunces

Approached by sea, Fort Sumter is an unimpressive structure. Nearby Isle of Palms has larger houses. When Major Anderson withdrew his undermanned United States Army garrison to this structure in 1861, they found it alarmingly substandard and spent the next … Continue reading

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John Brown’s Pikes

“Private Martin.” “Yes, sir.” He did not swallow or make any other sign of fear. His face was a study in youth exposed to battle. Even delivery of bad news to a flag officer was insufficient to shake the private’s confidence. … Continue reading

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The Union Civil War Hat Makes This Perfect

This Yankee knows how to aim under pressure. I don’t know who he is, but I believe the 1st Alabama Cavalry would’ve issued this man a Sharps carbine without hesitation. An awesome performance under pressure:

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Memorial Day Blog

Hamilton, Alabama, has the state’s lone historical marker to General Sherman’s honor guard. The land in this corner of Alabama didn’t support plantation farming; the people were Jacksonian Democrats who wanted no part of the oligarchy’s war. But the state … Continue reading

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Civil War Revisions No. 1: Ron Paul

I’m looking for the most ridiculous, idiotic, and unhistorical statements about the Civil War by right wing politicos. We’ll start with the revanchist granddaddy of paleoconservativism, who has some remarkably asinine things to say about casualty figures, the slave trade, … Continue reading

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Battle of Pittsburgh Landing

Shiloh was the name of a church where the Union army was routed from its camp on August 7th, 1862. After falling back to Pittsburgh Landing, Union forces settled in for a night of reinforcement while the long-range guns of … Continue reading

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The Strange Story of Guy Hunt

Former Alabama governor Guy Hunt died yesterday. He was 75. In an odd convergence of history, his passing comes less than a day after Rod Blagojevich was impeached 59-0 by the Illinois Senate. For while countless press reports have mentioned … Continue reading

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