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CPAC Not Only Racist, But Also Incredibly Stupid

Via New York magazine, we have visual evidence that Donald Trump’s CPAC speech was attended as lightly as Ali Akbar’s Blog Bash. That’s the VIP section, which tells you that very important persons don’t want to sleep through a self-congratulating … Continue reading

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Drone Hysteria And Our Defense Of The Realm

Rand Paul probably thinks every confederate casualty at Gettysburg was the victim of an extrajudicial targeted killing. Filibustering the nomination of John Brennan today, Kentucky’s teapublican senator spoke for the Lost Cause, insisting that a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder … Continue reading

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How Lee Stranahan Beat Brett Kimberlin At His Own Game

Bill Schmalfeldt aka @LiberalGrouch was served with legal documents last Saturday morning. His wife was at the store, so Bill was alone with his Parkinsons disease when the officers knocked on his door. He had to answer in his pajamas and explain to … Continue reading

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Honey, I Found the Voter Registration Fraud

There is a dire psychological projection to the fraudulent war on fraudulent voting. Because the actual, real, not-imaginary examples of systematic voter registration fraud always bear a Republican stamp. Brad Friedman has the details: The head of a firm which … Continue reading

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This is a Primary Boycott

While I disagree vehemently with the view presented herein, this video is a perfect example of free speech as applied in a boycott. Do this to Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors, however, and you may be accused of un-American behavior.

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Morning Awful: Brian Beckmann

African Americans in the Miami-Dade area should worry about Fire Rescue Captain Brian Beckmann. People who update their Facebook status to “Racist Asshat” aren’t generally the best bet to deal with fire coverage in your neighborhood if it’s too, y’know, “hood:” … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman’s Neighborhood

Joy-Ann Reid did a fantastic video breakdown of the “safe” community where Trayvon Martin died. As you can see, the layout of streets and sidewalks doesn’t support Zimmerman’s story. Via MoJo. Meanwhile at Slate, an article on urban walkability reminded … Continue reading

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Special Programming Note

I’ll be Ustreaming a lecture on bicycles and women’s liberation this Sunday, 2pm at the Florence Public Library. The speaker is Dr. Tom Osborne, Professor of History at the University of North Alabama, Episcopal Deacon, and my dad. Hope everyone … Continue reading

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(UPDATE x 2) “My administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens”

Via ThinkProgress, the full text of the president’s signing statement on NDAA addresses both of everyone’s favorite sections: Section 1021 affirms the executive branch’s authority to detain persons covered by the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) (Public … Continue reading

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