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Chris Matthews Needs to Teach His Son How Government Works

Chris Matthews has interviewed Zack Galifianakis and Will Ferrell, who star in the up-coming film entitled The Campaign, which is, well, about a political campaign. During the interview, Chris mentioned that one of his sons has political views “to the … Continue reading

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Why the Occupy Movement Won’t Be Relevant Until it Involves Itself in Electoral Politics

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This is a Primary Boycott

While I disagree vehemently with the view presented herein, this video is a perfect example of free speech as applied in a boycott. Do this to Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors, however, and you may be accused of un-American behavior.

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Civics 101 on Morning Joe

Where Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania explains why our government is built on compromise and why, without it, we are dead as a nation. Required viewing for those who still think the power lies mainly in the Executive … Continue reading

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Why Progressives Don’t Get All Their Cookies

While disappointed, marijuana activists have no one but themselves to blame if they invested too much in a president. For as I keep saying, presidents don’t make the laws — especially presidents who understand constitutional law. Obama clarified his administration’s medical … Continue reading

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Why Learn Civics When It’s So Much Fun Pissing on the President?

OK, Friday was 4/20. It was also my dad’s birthday. And it was also Hitler’s birthday too. Of course, limousine liberals would celebrate the first event and fingerpoint at the Right on the third, but it seems that the issue … Continue reading

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This American Life on Money in Congress

If you have not listened, you must: the best show on terrestrial radio has gone inside the Washington money machine to report on how it actually works. One detail bound to surprise many: it’s not the lobbyists who chase the … Continue reading

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Chris Hayes Explains the Commerce Clause

Posted here as part of my irregular series on American civics, MSNBC weekend host Chris Hayes delivered an excellent segment on the interstate commerce clause Saturday — and why conservatives hate it.

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NDAA: Chris Hedges Barks Up the Wrong Tree

Chris Hedges is not suing the president for personal publicity; I’m afraid it’s much worse than that. He’s a committed pacifist with a very respectable record of leadership in the movement, putting his body where his words are. But the … Continue reading

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Brokered Convention Prep Video

A weak Republican field may wind up in the first brokered convention in years, meaning that delegate races may actually become more important than caucus or primary results. Here, conservative commentator Carl Boyd, Jr. explains how a brokered Republican National … Continue reading

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When President Obama was elected, he used the words “Armenia” and “genocide” in the same sentence because words are important. He was right to do so. He is wrong now for not using them in the same sentence. While I … Continue reading

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