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CNN Reports What Glenn Beck Decides To Ignore

If Glenn Beck wanted to find some actual, real, non-imaginary communist tyranny, he’d need look no farther than his boss’s best friends. The Chinese communist party has activated its massive cyber-suppression system to try and blank out news of a … Continue reading

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Chinese UFO Is Just A Rocket

During launch, a rocket produces a cone as it passes through the point of maximum dynamic pressure. The atmosphere bleeding off the shock cone is visible in this photo of a shuttle launch: HuffPo reports on the hysteria: A second … Continue reading

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GoDaddy Joins Google

The internet is leaving China one company at a time as government efforts to erect a Great Wall of Technology repel investors. First Google, now Danica Patrick: In December, China began to enforce a new policy that required any registrant … Continue reading

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Google vs. China

James Fallows weighs in at The Atlantic: In a strange and striking way there is an inversion of recent Chinese and U.S. roles. In the switch from George W. Bush to Barack Obama, the U.S. went from a president much … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Map

The AP has stirred my inner map geek at exactly the right time. A million-dollar map is on rare public display: The map created by Matteo Ricci was the first in Chinese to show the Americas. Ricci, a Jesuit missionary … Continue reading

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Google May Leave China

After a spate of cyber-attacks aimed directly at Chinese human rights advocates and their foreign contacts, Google has had enough: These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered–combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech … Continue reading

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Censoring "Avatar"

To sell their game in China, the makers of World of Warcraft had to put flesh on the bones of skeletons. Fallout 3 couldn’t be sold in India because the ubiquitous two-headed bulls in the game were called “Brahmins.” And … Continue reading

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Passing Oceania

The world of 1984, as envisioned by George Orwell From the New York Times: BEIJING — In the wake of Sunday’s deadly riots in its western region of Xinjiang, China’s central government took all the usual steps to enshrine its … Continue reading

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Weekly World News?

This is the first edition of a weekly blog in which I’ll round up the events that shape global politics. I’d like to call it Weekly World News, but I don’t want to be confused with Batboy. Still working on … Continue reading

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